Hello people of RareWike, I am Blueyoshi98. I'm a member of Nintendopedia, and now a member of here too. I made this account, and completely forgot about it. Now that I have returned, I have no friends. The nicest person I've met, Bentedno is gone, and I'm probably gone from everyone else's mind. Since I'm back, Darkrai was nice enough to invite me here. Now, I totally forgot how to use Wikia, so consider me a Not-So Newbie. Now I don't consider people my "friend" yet, and hope to make some soon. I'm a member of an Animal Crossing Forum called Animal Crossing Community, or ACC for short. This and ACC are the only forums I'm in. I just want to make friends, and hope to make a Wikia myself soon. Making a Wikia probably won't happen, but I'd still like to make friends. Hope to chat soon!