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Rare Replay
Rare replay cover.jpg
Universal boxart for Rare Replay
Developer Rare Ltd.
Publisher Microsoft Studios
Release dates August 4, 2015
Genre Multi-genre
Modes Single player, Multiplayer
Platforms Xbox One
"30 Years, 30 Games, 30 Bucks!"

Rare Replay is developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One. It is a compilation of 30 video games all previously developed by Rare in celebration of the company's 30th anniversary.

It was first announced at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015. The game was released on August 4, 2015.


Rare Replay is a collection of famous Rareware and (formerly) Ultimate Play the Game titles that spans 30 years of the studios existance. Each game in the compilation are from past platforms ranging from ZT Spectrum to the Xbox 360.

Every game in the collection from 1983 to 1994 can use CRT scanlines filter and a "Rewind" feature that allows the player to undo up to 10 seconds of gameplay. This feature was added to ease the difficulty of the games, however there are achievements for not using the "Rewind" feature.

Additionally, there are 16 "Snapshot Challenges" of mini-games base on segments of the 16 retro games, including the infamous Turbo Tunnel challenge called Turbo Tunnel Infinite.

Finally, players collect tickets to unlock video interviews and insight of Rare's studio in "Rare Reveal". This segment are rewards videos giving players and rare insight on the studio interworkings, including unfinished and never released games us as Conker's Other Bad Fur Day, The Fast and the Furriest, and more.

The noticable games absent from the collection are the Donkey Kong Country series and GoldenEye 007. This is due to licensing issues.

List of Games

Titles Year of Release Original Platform
Jetpac 1983 ZX Spectrum
Lunar Jetman 1983 ZX Spectrum
Atic Atac 1983 ZX Spectrum
Sabre Wulf 1984 ZX Spectrum
Underwurlde 1984 ZX Spectrum
Knight Lore 1984 ZX Spectrum
Gunfright 1985 ZX Spectrum
Slalom 1986 Nintendo (NES)
R.C. Pro-Am 1987 Nintendo (NES)
Cobra Triangle 1989 Nintendo (NES)
Snake Rattle 'n' Roll 1990 Nintendo (NES)
Solar Jetman 1990 Nintendo (NES)
Digger T. Rock 1990 Nintendo (NES)
Battletoads 1991 Nintendo (NES)
R.C. Pro-Am II 1992 Nintendo (NES)
Battletoads Arcade 1994 Arcade
Killer Instinct Gold 1996 Nintendo 64
Blast Corps 1997 Nintendo 64
Banjo-Kazooie 1998 Nintendo 64
Jet Force Gemini 1999 Nintendo 64
Perfect Dark 2000 Nintendo 64
Banjo-Tooie 2000 Nintendo 64
Conker's Bad Fur Day 2001 Nintendo 64
Grabbed by the Ghoulies 2003 Xbox
Kameo: Elements of Power 2005 Xbox 360
Perfect Dark Zero 2005 Xbox 360
Viva Piñata 2006 Xbox 360
Jetpac Refuelled 2006 Xbox 360
Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise 2008 Xbox 360
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts 2008 Xbox 360


  • Rare Replay was the #1 pre-ordered game on Amazon UK since its announcement at E3 2015.
  • Numerous games were given minor modifacation such as button layouts and bug fixes.
  • Grabbed By The Ghoulies was the only game in the collection to be newly remastered to run natively on Xbox One.
  • Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, and Perfect Dark are all remastered Xbox Live Arcade versions.