Poo Mountain is an area found by travelling down a passage-way in the hub-area Windy and makes up the fourth overall section/level in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded. It is where the boss the Great Mighty Poo, resides and must be fought. The background music of the area is rather jazzy- though regularly broken by farting noises replacing certain keys in the song. The main inhabitants of the area are Dung Beetles, who speak in a liverpuddlian accent and both help and hinder Conker in his time here. Other creatures in this area include Sweet Corn (who act like and are very visually similar to the Cheese Pieces in Barn Boys), Three Cows, who speak with an English accent and act in a very refined manner and a large black Bull, who must be fought and eventually killed during the tasks here. Its main feature is the titual Poo Mountain, a giant mound mainly made up of cow dung by the Dung Beetles, although Dung Beetles naturally work with their own solid waste.

Upon entering Poo Mountain, Conker will have a brief discussion with a harried Dung Beetle before completing a small task to summon the main boss. The Great Mighty Poo will attack them by throwing feces while operatically singing a horribly disgusting song. To enter the mountain, Conker must visit the nearby Poop Shack, and complete the occupying dung-beetle's task of filling a large container-shaped room with cow dung to receive a ball of poo. Also in the area is a shortcut to the Feral Reserve Bank, which is discovered after the battle with the Great Mighty Poo, as well as large watery tunnel under the mountain. This tunnel contains many spinning fans to navigate through, and the water itself is rather bloody and contain floating chunks of flesh- presumably from the fans' past victims.