Perfect Dark Zero Limited Edition

The limited edition cover.

A special commemorative edition of the long-awaited return of Joanna Dark . This collector's edition features the full game disc, a bonus DVD filled with extras, an embossed metal game case, one of nine mysterious Holographic Glyph cards, and the "Hong Kong Sunrise" special-edition comic booklet, set in the "PDZ" universe which sets up the game's story.

The included bonus DVD takes you deep into the creation of Perfect Dark Zero. Unlock the secrets of Rare’s creative process with the in-depth behind-the-scenes The Art of Perfect Dark Zero video feature. Groove to the exclusive track "Limelight" from San Francisco's DJ Kepi & Kat. Tailor your Xbox 360 Guide with a Custom Perfect Dark Zero Theme. Dive into the first chapter of "Perfect Dark: Initial Vector," Greg Rucka's novel set six months after the game. Uniquely identify yourself on Xbox Live with Perfect Dark Zero Gamer Pictures.

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