A view of Mumbo's Mountain

Mumbo's Mountain is a large, mountainous area and first world explored in the game Banjo-Kazooie.

Mumbo's Mountain is filled with a large amount of slopes which can only be climbed using the Talon Trot. A small pond with an island in it is in the middle of the area and some ancient ruins of unknown origins can be found as well.

Along the slopes of Mumbo's Mountain are rocky ledges that oftentimes contain Music Notes and Blue Eggs. the Skull of Mumbo Jumbo's, the possible owner of Mumbo's Mountain, is also found near the entrance to the area.

Ticker's Tower, a giant termite mound is found near Mumbo Jumbo's Hut; players must have Banjo transformed into a Ticker by Mumbo Jumbo in order to fully explore the mound.

The "boss" of Mumbo's Mountain, Conga can be found throwing oranges from a palm tree at the end of the area. Chimpy can also be found on Mumbo's Mountain.

Beak Buster, Talon Trot and how to fire Blue Eggs are the abilities Bottles the Mole teaches on Mumbo's Mountain.