"My family's betrayed me! That power was mine by birthright and now I'll never get my hands on it." -Kalus' journal.


All my life, I've screamed out from my sister's shadow. Just once, I'd like to wipe that smug smirk off of her face!
Powers Offensive magic, healing, confusion, slow-down spell
Species Elf
Affiliation(s) Royal Elves, Trolls
Enemies Kameo, Elves,
Game(s) Kameo: Elements of Power
First appearance Kameo: Elements of Power
Latest appearance Kameo: Elements of Power

Primary Role

Kalus, alongside [[1]], are the biggest threats and main antagonists of [Elements of Power|Kameo: Elements Of Power.]

Being the only biological daughter of [[2]], and the late [Solon], Kalus was heir to the throne, [Wotnot Book|the Wotnot Book] and the [of Power|Element of Power] until [[3]] unfairly passed it onto [[4]], Kalus' adoptive sister.

Overcome with rage, jealousy and heartache, Kalus frees the [[5]] King, [[6]] to take back what's rightfully hers, even if it means by force.


The Elemental Stand Incident

A day before [[7]]'s ceremony, [[8]] wonders into the room where [[9]] keeps the Element of Power on a stand after being drawn to it from a dream she had. [[10]] has the urge to touch the gem and breathes on it before cleaning it on her sleeve.

[[11]] enters and sees [[12]] holding the Element of Power and yells at her, demanding to know what she is doing. [[13]] tries to tell her that she was just checking on it but [[14]] is too enraged and terrified to listen and shoves [[15]], causing her to step back. [[16]]' foot gets caught in her own skirt and she trips a little.

[[17]] bumped into the Element's stand, causing it to crash to the ground loudly. [[18]] screamed while [[19]] covers her mouth in shock as the Element hits the ground and slides across it.

[[20]] storms into the room and yells at both siblings but her rage is directed at [[21]], grabbing her arm really hard and demanding to know what she was doing. [[22]] thinks that [[23]] is going to hit her but refrains and screams about her being irresponsible and how she feels she cannot trust Kalus.

[[24]] tries to explain what happened however [[25]] ignores her in her fit of rage.

[[26]] yells at both siblings to go to their rooms. She has to tell them twice as the two were in shock.

[[27]] gives [[28]] the fiercest glare she can muster, absolutely seething with jealousy.

When they both step into the hallway, [[29]] starts crying and flies to her room as fast as she can before slamming her door.

[[30]] is left feeling devastated and guilty about what she did.


After the incident with the Elemental Stand, [[31]] remains furious and decides(after some persuasion and a false vision from The Mystic) that [[32]] is not fit to rule the [Kingdom|Enchanted Kingdom] and decides to pass the [of Power|Element of Power] onto [[33]] instead.

She invites [[34]] to her room to tell her this in private and forces her to accept the [of Power|Element of Power]. The moment she does this, [[35]] enters and grabs Kameo's shoulder, spinning her around. [[36]] is furious and says some heart breaking words before flying off in absolute despair and rage of her [[37]]'s betrayal, causing [[38]] to to chase after her.

More can be read from [Journal|Kalus' Journal].


Freeing Thorn

Kalus flies further ahead of Theena and the ancestors and frees Thorn(whether the Mystic told her this or hinted at Thorn's location is unknown) and frees Thorn with a kiss.

Thorn breaks free and asks why Kalus released him and she then proceeds to tell Thorn about her family's betrayal and strikes a deal with Thorn to take back what is rightfully hers. Thorn says he will agree as her magic could augment his trolls.

Soon after Theena and the ancestors find Kalus but are ambushed by both her and Thorn and Kalus uses her magic to unleash her rage and heartache upon her family.


During the Game

There are no cutscenes to show Kalus and Thorn's interactions but in the beta XBOX version of the game, it is revealed that Kalus had tried to sabotage Thorn's plans behind his back but Thorn was aware of her plans and admitted that he found it "amusing". This suggests that Kalus was planning for Thorn's plans to backfire so she could take over as ruler of the Kingdom and stop the trolls from destroying what was left of it.


End Game

When Kameo arrives, Kalus is waiting and looks up before Thorn jumps down and is quick to remark how "you never did know when you weren't welcome" then Thorn starts talking and Kameo does not respond to Kalus' words at all and retaliates to Thorn by saying she has not yet begun to burn but when she does, all that will be left of him is ashes, which impresses him and Thorn comments on understanding why Theena passed the power onto Kameo instead of Kalus(or the "wretched excuse for an elf" as he calls her)

This causes Kalus to become infuriated and remind him that he's only here because of her.

Thorn then calls her gullible like her father and remarks that she's not even worth the effort to kill.

Kalus then tells Thorn not to disrespect her father and that he loves her but Thorn tells her to be quiet and speaks about the era of magic coming to an end and being replaced by the "light of technology".

Despite this, Kalus still helps Thorn fight Kameo but by the end, Kameo strikes Kalus with an ice spear from Chilla which seems to knock some sense into her.

Kalus starts having flashbacks to the Mystic and realises that both sisters were being manipulated by the old crone. This makes her hear Thorn's voice taunting her and Kalus' rage flares up again, remembering that Thorn had murdered her father and comments that she will finish what he started.

Kalus comes to and starts flying at Thorn to attack him but he punches her and send Kalus flying with a scream.

Kameo flies higher then ever before to catch her sister and the two hug without saying a word. The power of the Element of Power and the Wotnot being near a Royal Elf causes the Elemental Shield to appear(the same one Solon used before his demise) and both fly at Thorn who is currently laughing.

Kalus realises what she needs to do to save everyone and looks over at Kameo before telling her to stay behind, flying ahead towards Thorn on her own.

Thorn notices her and goes to attack but Kameo's quick thinking protects Kalus with the Elemental Shield so she can place the curse on Thorn with another kiss. Thorn starts thrashing about, trying to throw Kalus off but she hangs on.

When the curse takes hold of Thorn, Kalus looks back and thinks, 'Kameo, tell our family I'm sorry.' before being encased in stone.

Thorn follows suit and the airship starts blowing up before the ship starts lurching to the side, making the statue of Thorn and Kalus slide off and plummet into the ocean, sinking to the bottom floor.



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The Journals

To read Kalus' Journal, which takes place 2 weeks before the game, please see: [Journal|Kalus' Journal].

To read Kameo's Journal, which takes place 2 weeks before the game, please see: [Journal|Kameo's Journal].


  • Sarah Mennell is [[39]]' voice actress.
    • Rare loved her voice so much that they asked Sarah to voice another character: Aegis in the Mountain Falls level.
    • [[40]]' voice actress in the Japanese version of the game is Junko Minagawa
  • In the official Manga, [[41]] is actually 15 years old whereas in the game she's 18 years old.
  • [[42]]' role in the game was reduced in the final release.
  • [[43]] had a dragon companion named Kreepo but was recycled to be the red dragons seen around [Castle|Thorn's Castle].
  • In the XBOX Beta, Yeros tells [[44]] that he never did like [[45]].
  • Contrary to other's belief, [[46]] did care for [[47]] and was planning to find a good job for her once she became queen, intending to place [[48]] in charge of the farms or fire Seraph so she could take his place as the Head of Palace Operations.
  • If the player is in expert mode, Kalus will appear and cast 2 types of spells at Kameo when she tries to destroy the ship's propellers. One spell will invert the players controls while the other one will slow down their movement. Kalus appears and fights with Thorn casting these same spells at the player. In normal mode, Kalus only appears to heal Thorn and swap out the minions.
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