Joanna Dark
Joanna Dark 5
Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark Zero.
Powers Falcon 2
Species Human
Affiliation(s) Carrington Institute
Game(s) Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark Zero

First appearance Perfect Dark
Latest appearance Perfect Dark Zero

Joanna Dark, nicknamed Perfect Dark (born March 18, 2000 in Altanta, Georgia) is the main character of the Perfect Dark video game series. She is Carrington Institute's top Secret Agent, getting all A's on her training, and earning her the nickname Perfect Dark, in which the title of her series was obtained.

Early Life

Joanna was born on March 18, 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia. Born with a broken spine, she had treatment throughout her childhood so she was home schooled by her father, who took her with him to trackdown criminals. Her father taught her self defense, weapon skills and stealh tracking, and as a teenager she helped he father as partner.


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