Donkey Kong Land
North American Player's Choice boxart for Donkey Kong Land.
Developer Rareware
Publisher Nintendo
Release dates July 27, 1995 (JP)
June 26, 1995 (NA)
August 24, 1995 (EU)
Genre Platformer
Modes Single player
Platforms Game Boy
Media 4 MB Cartridge

Donkey Kong Land (or Super Donkey Kong GB in Japan) is the game pseudo-sequel of Donkey Kong Country made for the Game Boy. Its sequels are Donkey Kong Land 2 and Donkey Kong Land III.

This game is often mistaken for a Game Boy port of Donkey Kong Country, however this was proven to be false because this game has new enemies, bosses, and levels from Donkey Kong Country.


After Donkey Kong and his nephew, Diddy discuss their latest adventure to Cranky Kong and the Kongs wanting to go on an adventure again. Then, Cranky let King K. Rool steal the Banana Hoard so the Kongs can go on an adventure again.



Animal Buddies




Gangplank Galleon Ahoy!


Monkey Mountains and Chimpanzee Clouds

Big Ape City

Beta elements

Donkey Kong Land didn't have much beta elements. It had three characters scrapped from the game and only seen in a Nintendo Power magazine. The characters are: Pucka, a blue fish who, according to the text, was going to be a hazardous underwater enemy. Ram Bunkshus, a possible Animal Buddy, who is said in the text to be a natural climber. There is a hatted Kong who has his image only seen, but his name and description isn't revealed.

Along with the beta characters, there were two unused songs in the game. One of them was intended for the battle against King K. Rool, but was shortly after changed to the regular boss music theme. There was also to be a different song for the skyscraper levels, but were shortly after changed into the "building site" theme.


Title screens and screenshots


  • This game's internal name is DONKEY KONG LAND 95. The title may be based on the Game Boy Donkey Kong game.
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