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All the 4 seasons in one place

Click Clock Wood is the final world in Banjo-Kazooie. The level takes place in a forest with a gigantic tree in the center. This level is unique in that it takes place across the four seasons of the year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and the things you do in one season affect later seasons. Gnawty, Nabnut, and Eyrie appear here.


The following Jiggies are collectible in Click Clock Wood:

  • In the room at the top of the tree.
  • Collect all Jinjos.


  • Grow the flower (Shoot eggs into the hole during this season, then pound on Gobi's back in both Summer and Autumn)


  • Jump across some leaves.
  • In the Zubba hive.


  • Swim to Gnawty's house. (You must first destroy the boulder blocking his house in Summer, when the lake is dried up)
  • Collect all of Nabnut's acorns. (six total)
  • Found in the unfinished treehouse. (Can also be collected in Summer)


  • Help Eyrie grow (You must first break his egg in Spring, then feed him 5 caterpillars in Summer, and 10 caterpillars in Autumn)
  • Get the Jiggy from the dead plant at the top of the tree. (This can also be done in Spring using the Bee transformation, where the plant is alive but will not attack the Bee)


  • Green: In the plant at the bottom of the tree. (Spring)
  • Blue: On the roof of Mumbo's house in the Winter.
  • Pink: In the Zubba nest. (Spring)
  • Orange: Next to the Flower in the Fall.
  • Yellow: In the front of the level in the grass. (Summer)


This level's transformation is a bee, which can only be used in the Spring. If the bee tries to enter any of the other three seasons, its magic will run out. 25 Mumbo Tokens are required for this transformation.