Canary Mary.

Canary Mary was a character in the game Banjo-Tooie. She was first encountered in Glitter Gulch Mine, where she was trapped in a cage in a poisonous cave. After Banjo talks to her, she says that she used to take care of the mine-carts in Gusty Gulch, but was trapped in a cage by unknown forces. Banjo and Kazooie decide to free her, after which she returns to her old job. After letting her free, Banjo and Kazooie can find Canary Mary near an old mine-cart. She will explain that after escaping from the cave, she found the mine-carts in a need of repair, so she fixed them. She will then say that she needs to stretch her wings after being trapped for so long, and challenges Banjo to a race.

Although the race is seemingly unfair, as Mary can fly and Banjo has to use the Mine Cart, Banjo eventually beats her. As a prize, she gives him a Jiggy. Banjo then has the option of racing her again, and if he accepts and wins once more, he will receive a Cheato Page. Canary Mary will then thank him for helping her stretch her wings, and fly off into the sky.

Banjo meets Canary Mary again in Cloud Cuckooland. She informs him that she is happy to be back in the air, and challenges him to another race. This race must be done on a toy mouse that oddly has the ability to travel through the air. Mary is much harder to beat this time, but the prizes are the same as before: first time, a Jiggy; second time, a Cheato Page.


  • In Glitter Gulch Mine, Canary Mary comments that the Jiggy she gives Banjo was "stuck under her wing for days". Kazooie replies that they might not want it after hearing that. When Banjo wins a Cheato Page, she starts to say that it has "been stuck..." but Kazooie stops her, saying "We don't want to know where it's been."
  • If Banjo does not race Canary Mary a second time in Glitter Gulch Mine, she will never go to Cloud Cuckooland.