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Bubblegloop Swamp is the fourth world in Banjo-Kazooie. It is a relatively small level, consisting of a swamp dotted with islands. The knee-deep water is full of piranhas, and is highly unsuitable for wading. It features a large crocodile sculpture.

Mumbo Jumbo has a skull in the level which turns Banjo into a crocodile.

The Witch Switch for this level is in one of the breakable huts on the top of a pillar.

Bubblegloop Swamp



The Jiggies available in Bubblegloop Swamp are:

  1. Inside a massive, multi layered egg.
  2. Won from Mr. Vile by beating him at yumbly-eating.
  3. Given to you by Tanktup for helping him with his cold flippers.
  4. Attained by playing the Tiptup Choir minigame.
  5. In a breakable hut at the top of a tall pillar.
  6. Attained by pressing a timed switch that made the Jiggy appear for a short time.
  7. As above, but a different switch, a closer Jiggy and a shorter timer - this time, near Mumbo's Skull..
  8. Stolen from the yellow Flibbits.
  9. Given to you by Croctus for feeding him with eggs.
  10. Attained by saving all five Jinjos.


The Jinjos to be found here are:

  • Blue: Atop a tall reed.
  • Green: In an alcove in the wall by the elevated paths.
  • Yellow: On a pillar by the curved bridge near the entrance.
  • Pink: Underneath one of the tall pillars.
  • Orange: In the water behind Tanktup's islet.


Mr. Vile is a competitive red crocodile found inside the giant crocodile, but it is questionable whether this level actually has a 'boss', as this character simply hosts a minigame.


  • Tiptup's Choir: Beak bust each turtle in Tiptup's chorus, following his demonstrations. Each incorrect turtle hit causes Banjo to lose a honeycomb, whereas after three rounds of correct bashing a Jiggy is awarded.
  • Mr. Vile's Mingame: Inside the giant crocodile, a game of Yumbly-eating becomes progressively harder during six rounds (with a jiggy being obtained after just three).
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